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Sandy Wealth Management


Services for Individuals

Sandy Wealth Management, Inc. frequently works with individuals and families who want to plan ahead for their future retirements and develop a long-term financial strategy with help from a trusted financial advisor. These clients aren’t looking to take a lot of risk with their assets and, instead, they want to preserve and develop strategies that may help their wealth outlive them.

Led by financial advisor Richard Sandy, the firm is based in Ocala, Florida and works with clients throughout Marion County and the state. The firm focuses on comprehensive investment strategies, utilizing a holistic approach. Their goal is to identify a client’s entire financial picture, including where he or she is today and where he or she wants to be tomorrow. Some of the services the firm offers include:

Wealth Management
Asset management involves creating an investment portfolio that produces an appropriate diversification based on the individual client’s needs and goals. Based on the client’s risk tolerance and financial objectives, Sandy Wealth Management will create a unique strategy that allows clients to participate in the growth of income and protect against large losses. Professional asset management may provide investors access to investments they may not have otherwise, including a wide variety of traditional and alternative investment classes. Often, clients seeking asset management are individuals and families that want a financial advisor to manage their wealth so they can instead focus on other things in life.

Financial Planning Strategies
Financial planning refers to the process of making appropriate decisions concerning one’s wealth in order to pursue one’s goals in life. It incorporates a holistic planning process, as opposed to only buying products, and can involve a variety of different strategies. The overall goal is to determine how to invest, how to manage wealth, and how to plan for the future.

In creating financial planning strategies, Sandy Wealth Management will work with a client and help them establish their goals in life, both short and long term, determine their assets and liabilities, and evaluate their current financial position. From there, they can develop and implement a plan, focusing on the client’s retirement and estate goals and objectives.

Retirement Planning Strategies
Sandy Wealth Management works with clients in all phases of retirement planning, from building assets to transitioning into retirement to maintaining an income in retirement. They work with clients to identify opportunities for building wealth while employing conservative investment strategies. This ranges from contributing to a 401(k) plan to identifying appropriate IRA investments, mutual funds, and annuities. The firm can also offer advice on long-term care insurance, when to take Social Security, how to minimize taxes, and how to create a steady and consistent stream of income that will last through retirement.

Estate Planning Strategies
Preserving wealth and transferring an estate to one’s heirs can be complicated and confusing. In order for clients to ensure their wishes are carried out, as opposed to the state handling their assets according to probate laws, they need to plan for their estate and provide instructions that not only includes who will receive what, but when and how to do so with the least amount of taxes or other fees. The firm can assist clients in articulating their estate planning needs and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs. Whether a client wishes to use a trust or other method, Sandy Wealth Management can offer guidance regarding today’s confusing estate and tax laws.

College Planning Strategies
A common financial concern among families is determining how they will pay for their children’s college expenses while still saving for their future retirement. Sandy Wealth Management can help clients calculate college costs, evaluate funding options, and create an education strategy tailored to their goals. They can also provide insight and advice regarding savings options, including 529s, education savings accounts, and more.